The district of Gårdsten is located about 12 kilometres north of Gothenburg city centre and west of Angered Centrum. It is bordered to the north by Surte and is the municipality's northernmost outpost. The district is populated by just over 8,855 (DECEMBER 2016) people.The district is characterized by a very hilly nature (100 meters above sea level) and has the cleanest air in Greater Gothenburg.Gårdsten was planned on a previously undeveloped plateau consisting of two ridges in a north-south direction. Between them lay marshland that was not suitable for settlement. To bridge the height differences, so-called level blasting was used, where the tops of the ridges were blasted and shovelled down onto the lower parts of the mountains to create buildable plateaus. The area between the ridges, which came to be known as the Valley, was planned as a green area with playgrounds. From the beginning, the buildings were mainly planned for the ridges in western and eastern Gårdsten.